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Kay N.

I had the pleasure of testing out a session with my husband recently at Aloha Energy (thanks to the kind owner, Bonnie!). Upon arriving, the aesthetic and ambiance is very much like a spa – so calming and beautiful! We were given water and blankets – and we brought our own pillows. Our session took place in the back, darker room. When we began, I was initially super energetic from the day and eventually relaxed into a deep, relaxing sleep – I really enjoyed it! The room itself had a different vibe, a very calming, clean way about it – like stepping into the California sun on a perfect day when the sun and air is perfect.

After, we were shown the other room option (very sunny!) and drank some tea. We left feeling elevated and balanced! Weirdly enough, I normally have a reactive tummy and the rest of the day, I found my stomach to be relaxed and controlled, and my nerves were very grounded/controlled even after eating. At night, when I normally have vivid dreams, I had two very pleasant dreams. I slept very well! I remember thinking how odd it was that I had such pleasant dreams-

I would definitely recommend this experience to anyone to try out! It’s a pleasant cross between science/spirituality.

average rating is 5 out of 5
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