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Steve B.

Goodbye, Arthritis!

I’d like to mention that I’ve done two sessions of Energy Enhancement Systems scalar-wave energy, treatment, here in Vancouver at newly-opened Aloha Energy.

The first session was amazing in that a day later the arthritis in my hands and knees disappeared.

I awoke at midnight after the treatment in excruciating pain – a huge charley horse in both legs. It took 3/4 hour to get back to sleep.

When I awoke in the morning, the arthritis was gone. It has not come back.

That certainly caught my attention!

The sharp stabbing pain (arthritis) is gone. However, my leg is still sore. But nothing compared to the way it used to be.

That sent me immediately looking for Col. Tom Bearden’s material on scalar-wave therapy that we posted on the blog years ago. It talked about Antoine Prioré’s use of scalar waves in the Sixties and Seventies for curing serious diseases. Prioré was shut down by French officials despite his success record.

I put together a book of Bearden articles from the blog for Bonnie at Aloha Energy, which I attach here.

It’s not for everyone. It can be quite technical – phase conjugation and such. But it does tell you what scalar-wave therapy really does.

So I agree with Blossom that some wonderful new technologies appear to be breaking on the world. This seems to be one of them. Not like I’m an expert. I’m not.

The screens are the source of the scalar waves. Tom Bearden says that the way scalar waves work is that they age-regress the illness back to its origin and it disappears. That is a one-sentence statement of a very complex, natural process.

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